mid west farming Midwest USA Map 2013: http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/29713

A low to medium detail map that sorta got out of hand. Not as pretty as some, but functional.

There is no train running, but there is a railroad mainline added with sidings at the mill, freightyard, and dairy, just for show..

The basic crops; Wheat, Barley, Canola, Maize, Sugarbeet and Potatoes. No mods needed but large equipment is a must, unless you have a lot of time on your hands.

Twelve rather large fields in all. Fields 7, 8, 11, and 12, are owned by player. Field 7 is planted in maize, field 12 is planted in wheat, ready to harvest. Withering is disabled and there are no missions! Much mowable grass all over the place. The Inn and BGA are down river from the port to the north. Eggs are sold at the Farm Shop and the Garden Center. Mostly paved roads and many crop storage options. All navmeshes have been recreated. Loads of starting equipment to get you up and running. The milktruck, traffic, and pedestrians are working. The Farm HQ has been moved near the cowzone. Courseplay friendly. The sheepzone is just down the road from the farm to the west.

Excess grass, straw, silage, and mixed ration can be stored at the building by the cowzone, just east of the cowbarn. Then with the self-propelled mixer, grass, straw, and silage may be directly loaded into the mixer. Course play has been tested and most all triggers are compatible with the possible exception of the feed troughs at the cow-barn.

Duration : 0:39:46

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  1. MultiMikie123 Says:

    Yeah, I agree, all …
    Yeah, I agree, all the most expensive machines are given on the get-go, so in a way, when you use this map, you don’t really have to work to upgrade anything, but its a good map to use Mods.

  2. MultiMikie123 Says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the compliment, the accent is Trinidadian.

  3. MultiMikie123 Says:

    Hi, I’m from …
    Hi, I’m from Trinidad And Tobago

  4. GabrielsWind Says:

    Ware are u from …
    Ware are u from I’m just wondering

  5. GabrielsWind Says:

    Hey oh and by the …
    Hey oh and by the way you are a really cool guy I love your accent and keep up the good work man!

  6. GabrielsWind Says:

    cool map, but a …
    cool map, but a little over powered at the start but that’s fine

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